Abhijeet V Sawant

Managing Director - Founder

Mr. Abhijeet Sawant saw a potential growth in the large-scale projects for national and international industry clients and made a move into business of Animation and visual effects. A VES Member with having spent Eighteen years in the animation and VFX industry providing resource management, planning and execution support for 2d/3d Animation and films visual effects production. The man behind the setting up of Artistic Eye Entertainment, Mr. Abhijeet has conceptualized and setup the studio teaming up with unmatched creative and technical expertise. Under his guidance and vision, Artistic Eye Entertainment put its foot in the worldwide arena. He is exceptionally open to new and innovative ideas and always on the lookout for new opportunities. Mr. Abhijeet continues to be the companies driving force, always looking to the future and the opportunities ahead in the world of national and international production. He has been working hard to make Artistic Eye a strong company that covers complete visual effects and animation services. Apart from being the head of the company he is an expert in aligning technology and artist resources with production and business requirements.

Vinay Kadam

VFX Supervisor

This designer studio gives the artists a boost to their creativity and makes work a fun and learning experience. Mr Vinay Kadam leads the creative department in the company and is an inspiring Creative Head. Under his command all essential tools and software application are made available for the artist for easy working of the studio. Under his guidance Artistic Eye has built a creative team that includes a department of highly skilled artists from various departments. A highly energetic individual, coupled with his sophisticated CG and Visual Effects background and entrepreneurial mindset. In that capacity, he handles all aspects of Creative, technical and software consulting for Artistic Eye and is also responsible for on-set supervision on projects ranging from entirely animated to films visual effects. Vinay is an known to be expert at blending artistic and technical challenges, ultimately delivering to his clients the most photo-real shots possible.

Neeraj Singh

Roto Paint Supervisor

Over the past 10 years, Neeraj Singh paved his own road into the world of VFX. He developed his creativity in visual effects as a Roto-Paint Supervisor. His unique artistic vision and technical expertise evolved in working with esteemed VFX supervisors of the industry. He has over 10 years of experience under his belt, across a wide range of feature films and television series that he has been part of. He joined Artistic Eye Entertainment ever since its inception. His creative and technical expertise is the driving force behind Artistic Eye team.